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James Foster, founder of the Institute for Christian Spirituality, has just released a new book, HOLY HUMANITY, We Are All Made of GOD Stuff. 

Can we reconcile our faith in light of current understandings of science and the possibilities of studying other faiths and cultures today?  Does faith allow for new insights?  Is our faith an ongoing journey? Dare we love God and our neighbors while incorporating new understandings?  Holy Humanity answers all these questions with an unequivocal Yes!  “Here I think is the immense contribution of Holy Humanity—the integrity of the material order and its inherent spirituality.  The relationship of and with God is deeply inscribed within this order, but we do not and cannot see it because we still see creation through the lens of violence and its many destructive forms.  We can be grateful to Jim Foster for helping correct this brutal lens with all the skills of a master optician.”--Tony Bartlett, author of Virtually Christian: How Christ Changes Human Meaning and Makes Creation New. Read More....

ICS publishes a quarterly online journal, En Christo: A Journal for a New Christianity, that includes book reviews and commentary relevant to a re-visioning of what it means to be Christian.

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Institutes for Christian Spirituality

The Institutes for Christian Spirituality (ICS), part of the Peacebuilding Institute, a voluntary association, is a group of Institutes encompassing a number of related ministries, all concerned with fostering a deeper spirituality in the lives of individuals.   The ICS institutes seek to formulate clearly and incisively the deep truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to facilitate ecumenical dialogue on the faith and practice of spirituality as it is practiced by both Christians and other God-seekers. This is accomplished through interfaith institutes, dialogues, workshops, seminars, forums and published materials including the online publication of En Christo: A Journal for a New Christianity.

Spirituality:  For the purpose of these institutes, spirituality is defined as the practice of the presence of God, which manifests the love of God in the midst of the joy and pain of our world.

Christian Spirituality:  This refers specifically to those practices that grow out of the theological understandings of those whose chosen path to God is by way of discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Interfaith Relationships:  We believe in dialogue with people of all faiths, not that we may all agree, but rather to the end that we may understand and respect each other.  We believe all people are created in the divine image, and are brothers and sisters in the common pursuit of a deeper grasp of spiritual realities.

Sacred Psychology:  Sacred Psychology is concerned with the intersection of spirituality and psychology and thus is concerned with the work of those seminal thinkers such as Carl Jung (including dream analysis, Jungian archetypes and temperament analysis), the Eastern psychology of Sri Aurobindo, the archetypal psychology of Jean Shinoda Bolen, and the ancient practice of enneagram spirituality.

Spiritual Direction:  Spiritual direction is the age old practice of spiritual friendship and mentoring in which one spiritual seeker joins another on his or her spiritual journey, giving counsel and encouragement along the way. It is a discipline practiced in many religions and cultural traditions including shamanism, Christian mysticism, Islamic Sufi practice, and Hindu Gurus.  All are considered to be valid attempts to follow a path which leads to a deep experience of God’s transcendent presence.

An Overview of the Institutes for Christian Spirituality (ICS)

These are educational and empowering programs that provide through publications, and/or seminars, workshops and personal counseling information and counsel relevant to the specific focus of the particular institute.

Institute for Christian Spirituality (ICS)
This Institute, formed in 1988, is under the direction of its founder, James L. Foster, a Christian mystic, theologian, and author.  It is the research arm of ICS and publishes En Christo: A Journal for a New Christianity, an online quarterly (available free to those who request it)  It also facilitates occasional workshops on various aspects of Christian Spirituality such as centering prayer, dream analysis, gifts for ministry and spiritual eldering.

ICS includes the following institutes:

Institute for Interfaith Relationships (IIR)
The purpose of IIR is to promote the healing of relationships among those of differing religious traditions.  Toward this end, we promote interreligious dialogue through formal and informal contacts, including electronic publications, seminars, and such other means as the Institute may have at its disposal.

Institute for Sacred Psychology (ISP)
ISP seeks to address through published articles, and occasional workshops and seminars the separation of psychology and spirituality, which it views as inseparable, inasmuch as human beings are innately spiritual. Through published articles and occasional workshops and seminars, ISP seeks a deeper and sacred understanding of what it means to be made in the image of God.

Institute for Spiritual Direction (ISD)
ISD provides occasional workshops, seminars and published materials to encourage the practice of spiritual direction on an interfaith basis.  It also provides personal spiritual direction to a limited number of individuals.

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