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We understand Christian Spirituality to be the practice of the presence of God in daily life.  As such it includes both the mundane and the mystical dimensions of Christian faith and practice.  This Blog is intended to provide thought provoking information and discussion in the categories of Christian Spirituality, Spiritual Direction, Sacred Psychology, Interfaith Relationships, Peacebuilding, Spirituality/Religion, and Book Reviews of interest. 

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Sacred Psychology

Sacred Psychology

Sacred psychology seeks to address the separation of psychology and spirituality, which it views as inseparable, inasmuch as human beings are innately spiritual.  Sacred psychology seeks a deeper and sacred understanding of what it means to be made in the image of God.

Sacred Psychology is concerned with the intersection of spirituality and psychology and thus is concerned with the work of those seminal thinkers such as Carl Jung (including dream analysis, Jungian archetypes and temperament analysis), the Eastern psychology of Sri Aurobindo, the archetypal psychology of Jean Shinoda Bolen, and the ancient practice of enneagram spirituality.