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James Foster, founder of Christian Spirituality, in 2014 released a book, HOLY HUMANITY, We Are All Made of GOD Stuff. 

Can we reconcile our faith in light of current understandings of science and the possibilities of studying other faiths and cultures today?  Does faith allow for new insights?  Is our faith an ongoing journey?  Dare we love God and our neighbors while incorporating new understandings?  Holy Humanity answers all these questions with an unequivocal Yes!  “Here I think is the immense contribution of Holy Humanity—the integrity of the material order and its inherent spirituality.  The relationship of and with God is deeply inscribed within this order, but we do not and cannot see it because we still see creation through the lens of violence and its many destructive forms.  We can be grateful to Jim Foster for helping correct this brutal lens with all the skills of a master optician.”--Tony Bartlett, author of Virtually Christian: How Christ Changes Human Meaning and Makes Creation New. Read More....